American Redbud

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The American Redbud


a deciduous, ornamental tree.  From the Fabaceae or pea family, native to eastern North America and may grow up to 20 or 30 feet tall.  With attractive, pink blossom, red / purple heart shaped leaves change to dark green then yellow.  Yields 2-3 inch brown/black pods. The leaves and flowers together create a spectacular canopy in gardens. Grows in a rounded vase shape.  Common redbud varieties include American Judas tree, American Redbud, Eastern Redbud, Judas tree, Mexican Redbud, Redbud, Texas Redbud. Cercis canadensis.  Begins flowering as early as 4 years.  Irregular branching.  Graceful Crown.

How to grow:

The American Redbud is an easy-to-grow tree that doesn't require a lot of care.  Redbuds are fairly tough, cold hardy and although they can even thrive well in part shaded conditions, full sun is ideal for them.  Full sun and partial shade, prefers a minimum of four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight each day. Its one steady requirement is ample moisture; this is not a tree for dry areas.  If a branch is injured, prune it off cleanly: Injuries serve as portals for the fungi that cause dieback and Verticillium wilt in redbuds. Disease- and pest-resistant but sensitive to herbicides.


Native Americans enjoyed the flowers as food. The famous pea-like flowers are not only pretty but edible.  Add a handful to a salad or to summer rolls for a burst of crisp sweetness.  The American Redbud attracts butterflies and nectar-seeking insects.  Used for nesting sites, nesting materials, shelter for birds and mammals.  Birds will eat the seeds.


George Washington reported in his diary about the beauty of the tree and spent many hours in his garden transplanting seedlings obtained from the nearby forest.   What's more, Thomas Jefferson also grew the tree in his garden.  Lastly, it was chosen as the state tree of Oklahoma in 1937.

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