Oak Trees

Oak trees are not often thought of in terms of providing human food in our country, but were once a subsistence crop for many people in Europe. Oak trees yield acorns which can be boiled and baked, and the best varieties can actually be quite sweet and acceptable as a dish. Otherwise, pigs absolutely love acorns and are fattened on them, and even free ranged under oak trees, with great success.

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  • oak tree

    Swamp White Oak

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    Swamp White Oak is a broad, spreading, deciduous, green foliage turning stunning orange in autumn time, swamp white oak bearing  acorns
  • Pin Oak

    Pin Oak

    Pin Oak or Quercus robur fastigiata - tall narrow form of the oak tree, columnar in shape, pin oak is very popular in street plantings, producing large quantities of acorns  
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  • portugese oak tree

    Portugese Oak

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    Portugese Oak stemming from Portugal portugese oak
  • Red Oak

    Quercus rubra, Red Oak - broad, rounded, spreading, symmetrical crown, dark green leaves turning red to golden brown in autumn, a stunning display, acorns 2.5cm long in autumn
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    English Oak

    Quercus robur, English Oak  -  broadly rounded open head, will grow to a large tree in optimum conditions, dark green to bluish green foliage, turning yellow then brown in autumn, with leaves persisting on branches into winter, acorns 2.5cm long
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    Turkey Oak

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    Quercus cerris - the Turkey Oak comes from the Mediterranean area and was used for food in Spain, Portugal and Algeria. Its acorns are considered the most edible of all acorns

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