Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are fast becoming one of our most popular fruit types. They are certainly one of the most luscious of all fruits to grow for yourself – a very rewarding fruit tree to grow

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  • Sylvia cherry

    Sylvia cherry is self-pollinating with a compact growing habit and produces delicious sweet cherries late in the season - sometimes January Ripens:  Dec/Jan Pollinates with :  Self fertile
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  • Ulster cherry

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    Ulster cherry produces fruits are large and similar to the famous Bing Chery, but Ulster is highly resistant to cracking from rain at picking time, they are juicy, sweet, and very dark red.The tree is productive, early ripener, introduced in 1964 from New York. Ripens:  November Pollinates with:  Lapins and Vista
  • Vista Cherry

    Vista cherry is one of the earlier fruits in our list, Vista fruits are large, resistant to cracking from rain at picking time, they are juicy, sweet, and dark red. The tree is very productive. Ripens:  November Pollinates with:  Ulster, Lapins
    $30.00 inc. GST

  • Morello cherry

    Morello cherry is a darker, smaller fruit, brings out its best flavours in culinary use, the tree is spreading and bears heavy crops Ripens:  January Pollinate with:  Self fertile
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  • Kentish cherry

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    The Kentish cherry is a lovely old cooking cherry coming in much earlier than other cherries. Quite edible fresh, the fruit are a pale red colour and are used for making jam and preserving, tree shows some drought tolerance and seems hardy. The Kentish cherry is a pretty tree, they were selected by the planners to be distributed for planting around Canberra as an ornamental, when establishing the new city. Ripens: November  
  • Van cherry

    The Van cherry produces black shiny, larger sized fruits, thickly clustered, very high quality, doesnt split readily when rained on, high in sugar even when unripe, excellent pollinator. Ripens:  Dec/Jan Pollinates with:    Bing, Stella, Rainier, Burlat, Sunburst, Blackboy, Napoleon
    $24.00 inc. GST

  • Merchant cherry

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    The Merchant cherry produces large black fruits with rich juicy flesh, one of the largest and best flavoured, one of the newest cherries in our list and becoming very popular Ripens:  Mid Dec/Jan Pollinate with:  Stella, Ron's Seedling
  • Bing cherry

    America's favourite cherry, the Bing cherry, is very large, mahogany red, firm and sweet, excellent tangy cherry flavour, large spreading and productive, selected by American pioneers, the Lewelling brothers, who took 300 cherry trees from Iowa westward to Oregon by oxcart in 1847, then selected Bing from the progeny of these cherries Ripens: January Pollinates with:   Stella, Van, Rainier, Lapins
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  • Blackboy cherry

    Favourite old cherry in Australia, the Blackboy cherry is still a very popular choice, heavy bearer of large dark red fruit, firm and juicy. Ripens: December Pollinates with:  Bing and Napoleon
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  • Burgsdorf cherry

    A very good cherry which has been around since settlement in Australia, large dark red fruit with soft flesh, heavy crops, one of the earliest, ripens early November, an old favourite, pollinate with Ron's Seedling
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  • Ron’s Seedling cherry

    Ron's Seedling cherry is a very large, dark red cherry, firm flesh so it is one of the best for jam, bottling and preserving, also lovely fresh eating, and copes well with warmer climates Ripens:  late November Pollinates with:  Stella, Burgsdorf, Merchant, Van
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  • Lapins cherry

    Lapins cherry produces large fruit with red firm juicy flesh and very good flavour, late harvest, fruits should be left on the tree until dark red / mahogany colour is reached, has resistance to skin splitting in the rain Ripens:  Jan/Feb Pollinates with:  Self fertile Chill hours: 400-500 hours  
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  • Rainier cherry

    Rainier cherry is a large yellow cherry with prominent pink blush, vigourous and has sported some of the heaviest crops I have seen on a cherry when young, fruit resistant to cracking, very good flavour and slightly disguised by its colour from the birds, very good pollinator for Stella, Napoleon, Van, and others Ripens:  Late November Pollinate with: Van, Bing, Lapins, Stella, Simone
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  • Simone cherry

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    Simone cherry has taken over from Stella as one of the most popular and luscious backyarders cherries, large black heart shaped cherries, firm flesh, heavy cropping, pollinates with Ron's Seedling and Lapins, but will also set a good crop planted on its own Ripens:  Early December Pollinates with:  Self fertile, Ron's Seedling, Lapins
  • Napoleon cherry

    Napoleon cherry would have to come close to one of our favourites – it is a yellow skinned cherry with top rate flavour and good sized fruit, its unusual colour means it gets some natural camouflage from the birds Ripens:  Early December Pollinate with:  Rainier, Stella, Van, Blackboy
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  • stella cherry

    Stella cherry

    The Stella cherry has large, dark red fruit, it is a heavy cropper, the most popular backyard tree of the last few decades, very good pollinator for most other varieties Ripens:  Early December Pollinate with:  Self fertile, Rainier Chill hours: 400-500 hours
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  • Sunburst cherry

    The Sunburst cherry has dark red, very large fruits, luscious and tasty, fair degree of self fertility, more suitability than others for subtropical climates Ripens: December Pollinate with:  Self fertile,
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