Pomegranate Trees

Pomegranate trees yield large orange sized fruits with pretty yellow – green to brilliant red skin, surrounding seed sacs of delicious juice. Pomegranate fruits are used to make a refreshing drink – grenadine. A tough plant – very drought resistant, and withstands extremes of heat and cold, does well in pots, – best of all – pomegranate trees are very ornamental – both with their deep red – orange flowers, and large fruits

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  • pomegranate tree

    Azerbaijani pomegranate

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    Azerbaijani pomegranate is a medium to large sized, slightly elongated dark red fruit with a pinkish hue, deep red seeds, juicy and very sweet, Azerbaijani pomegranate matures late Jan - early Feb
  • Mollar D’Elche pomegranate

    Mollar D'Elche pomegranate is a large pink skinned fruit, selected in Elche, Spain, for the quality of the fruit and the ornamental habit of the tree. Large double orange red flowers, needs a warm sunny position
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