Apricot trees

Apricot trees this year are offered in a larger range than we’ve ever had. Plenty to choose from – whether you want apricots for bottling, drying, nectar, or eating fresh; apricot trees for cool climates, hot climates, frosty places…apricot trees for everyone!

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    The Peachcot is a great eating fruit, early maturing. The flavour is between a peach and an apricot.
  • plumcot tree


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    Plumcot is a mixture of a Japanese plum and an apricot, plumcot are large fruits, apricot colour and skin type, delicious plum/apricot interior flesh Ripens: February Pollinates with: Mariposa
  • Amber Jewell

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    One of the newest plums in our list, and also probably the sweetest of any Japanese type plum in our list, this is a large conical plum developed in Australia, juicy and delicious, very low acidity, and flavour excellent, the Amber Jewel is a plum apricot hybrid with aromatic fragrance and a pleasant absence of acidity. Great fresh, or a wonderful addition to your favorite fruit salad. Has partial self fertility, or will set heavier crops with cross pollination from Santa Rosa or Tegan Blue, and numerous other Japanese type plums
  • Dwarf Bulida apricot

    One of the earliest apricots to ripen, good flavour, large sized fruits, grafted onto dwarfing rootstock to give a manageable 2 metre tree with very good crop load
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  • dwarf tilton apricot

    Tilton Apricot

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    The Tilton Apricot is a hardy tree, recommended for cooler areas. Probably one of the better chances of getting decent apricots in the difficult colder areas where stone fruit will sometimes struggle. Smaller fruit with very sweet flavour and nice colour, worked on peach seedling rootstock Ripens: February Pollinate with: Self fertile

  • Hunter Apricot

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    Hunter Apricot is also known as Late Moorpark, this is a very late ripening apricot, one of the latest, low juice content and flavourful meaty flesh makes it ideal for drying, worked on Marianna plum rootstock Ripens: late February Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • Patterson apricot

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    Patterson is a genuine multi purpose apricot. Great bottling, as it holds its shape and colour during the heating process, fruit are medium to large, with firm flesh, delicate flavor, and a freestone pit. Trees are self fertile, ­vigorous, and reliably productive
  • Dwarf Fireball apricot

    Dwarf form (two metre high) version of one of the very newest apricots to come out of breeding programs, dark red blush gives its name, easy apricot to grow, good flavour, proving popular in Australia, on dwarfing rootstock
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  • apricot tree

    Goldrich Apricot

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    Large, oval, deep orange in colour, firm flesh, originating Washington in the1970's, the Goldrich Apricot is a vigourous and productive tree, excellent fruit flavour, suggested as one with better potential for ripening fruit in colder climates. Ripens: Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Rival, Moorpark or possibly Trevatt
  • Dwarf Storey’s Apricot

    Dwarf Storey's Apricot, also known as the Dwarf Early Moorpark, very similar to Moorpark with its fruit characteristics, but coming  a number of weeks earlier in the season, on dwarfing plum rootstock which gives a managaeable 2 metre high tree, with excellent crop load. Ripens: Dec/Jan Pollinate with: Self fertile
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  • Storey’s Apricot

    Storey's Apricot, also known as the Early Moorpark, very similar to Moorpark with its fruit characteristics, but coming  a number of weeks earlier in the season, on Marianna plum rootstock Ripens: Dec/Jan Pollinate with: Self fertile
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  • moorpark apricot tree

    Moorpark Apricot

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    This is the classic apricot of the last century or so. The Moorpark Apricot  has stood the  test of time and for good reason- excellent flavour, performs well across a wide range of locales, useful fruit for fresh eating and for cooking jam – pretty delicate so doesn’t hold its shape in bottling etc Ripens: Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • trevatt apricot tree

    Trevatt Apricot

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    The Trevatt Apricot has been widely planted in both gardens and orchards in the last few decades, large round fruit, flavour very good if left on the tree long enough (which it usually isn’t when coming out of commercial orchards – which is why it is so important to grow your own!), light yellow skin with strong coloured orange flesh, good for canning, drying and eating fresh, harvests mid season, tree medium size Ripens: mid January Pollinate with: Self fertile

Sending out trees until the 16th of September. Any orders placed after this will be sent out in June 2020.