Blackberry Plants

Blackberry plants produce some of the most delicious and well liked fruit of all. Blackberries are supplied as dormant canes, ready to plant out in your garden, and will need some wires/trellis to climb on. Blackberry plants should be set out at 1.5-2 metres apart

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  • Chester Thornless blackberry

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    Chester Thornless blackberry is fairly similar to 'Thornfree' above, with a slightly different ripening time, also very heavy cropping plants, extends the season of blackberry harvest
  • Thornfree blackberry

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    The Thornfree blackberry is an extraordinarily prolific cropper, excellent flavour if left to ripen properly on the bush, keep picking them and more keep ripening each day or two, harvest around February and into March, very good preserved, in cakes and muffins, stewed in a syrup, combined with apples, make beautiful jam...
  • Youngberry

    The Youngberry produces tasty, dark purple fruit, two weeks earlier than Boysenberry, easy to grow
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  • Tayberry

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    Tayberry is one of the newest varieties in our list, this berry is a must have...coming out of Scotland, it is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, with a divine sweet aromatic taste, one of the best
  • Loganberry

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    The Loganberry looks a bit like a raspberry but with a unique pink purple colouring, many people consider this to be the best tasting of all the brambles, with a unique sharp taste, harvest through December
  • Boysenberry

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    Boysenberry is lovely tasting, plump purple berries, strong growing plants, flavour is excellent, crops late December and into January
  • Silvanberry

    Out of about eight different blackberry and blackberry hybrids we have trialled on the farm in the last few years, the Silvanberry was one of our personal favourite. Also known as the American Bramble, it starts to ripen in November, and the berries are much easier to catch at peak ripening time than any of the others. Flavour is excellent, and in the hotter climate they keep their shape and resist going to jam on the bush
    $12.00 inc. GST

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