Almond trees are grafted onto peach rootstocks, and yield trees of around 4 metres in best conditions. The Self Pollinating almond is a semi dwarf almond which will make a tree of three metres or less.
Almond trees are one of the quickest nut trees to start bearing – sometimes taking only two years to crop

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  • Carmel almond

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    Carmel almond is a more recent variety, very good yields of high quality nuts, discovered in a Californian orchard, as a seedling from Non-Pareil / Mission, flowers just after Cal Papershell, and harvests just before Mission, tree is of medium size and yields large, elongated kernels, an excellent pollinating partner for Californian Papershell and Price

  • Johnson’s Prolific almond

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    Johnson's Prolific Almond is a soft shell almond, with very large kernels, pollinates Chellaston

  • Mission Almond

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    Mission Almond is hard shelled, well sealed, with small to medium sized plump kernels, great roasted, pollinatees with Californian Papershell, Ne Plus Ultra, and Self Pollinating almond

  • Monterey almond

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    Monterey Almond is a naturally small almond tree with a spreading habit. Elongated kernel with soft, well sealed shell and excellent flavor. Monterey is a good pollinating companion with Californian Papershell. Harvest is late for this heavy bearing variety. Low chill variety,(250 hours), so will also fruit in more northern areas

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