Plum Trees - Japanese & Blood Plums

Plum trees in this category come from Asian origins, rather than European, and tend to be a little more sprightly and less fully sweet. Blood plums are amongst the most popular of all plum trees grown

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  • luisa plum

    Luisa plum

    Luisa is a newly released self-fertile, yellow fleshed plum, exceptionally sweet and juicy, distinctive elongated-heart shape, has some disease resistance making this cultivar easier to grow organically
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  • spicezee


    Spicezee truly tastes like a delicious cross of a plum and a nectarine. This 'nectaplum' is a great choice for the home gardener - it is slightly acidic and loaded with sugar giving it a spicy sweet flavour. Spice Zee is a beautiful ornamental tree with a tremendous spring bloom followed by dark red leaves in the spring that mature to a rich green-red in late summer. This variety is self-fertile and very productive
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    Sugar'n'Spice is a cross between a nectarine and a Japanese plum. It produces a red-yellow skinned fruit with white flesh that has a sweet crisp flavour, ideal for home gardens. Ripens: Jan/Feb Pollinates with: Self fertile
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  • dwarf plum mariposa

    Dwarf Mariposa plum

    Dwarf Mariposa plum is a brand new addition to our list this year - one of the most popular old blood plums in our list, and now grafted onto semi dwarfing rootstock, yields a dwarf plum tree of around two metres, and carries a genuine fruit load. Ripens: January Pollinates with: Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Dwarf Santa Rosa Chill hours: approx 250 hours (low)    
    $46.00 inc. GST

  • dwarf plum satsuma

    Dwarf Satsuma plum

    Dwarf Satsuma plum is the dwarf form (two metres high) of maybe the most well known of all blood plums, mid season ripening in February, one of the most reliable plums in our list - crops year in year out, largest in size, rounded dark red, firm juicy flesh, described by one local nurseryman here as having a ‘satisfying clove like depth’ of flavour. Dwarf Satsuma plum is a good bearer, useful for preserving and bottling, quite self fertile on its own, only needs 300-400 winter chill hours. Ripens: February Pollinates with: Self fertile, Dwarf Mariposa, Santa Rosa Chill Hours: 300-400
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  • dwarf plum santa rosa

    Dwarf Santa Rosa plum

    Dwarf Santa Rosa plum is a dwarf form (two metre high) of the popular early plum, yellow flesh, purple red skin, cherry plum flavours, upright tree, self fertile, and one of the best pollinators for other varieties, a long time favourite, and now in a very manageably sized tree. Dwarf Plum Santa Rosa is perfect for fitting into backyard sized spaces, while still giving really good heavy yields of full sized plums. Ripens: Dec/Jan Pollinates with: Self fertile, Mariposa, Santa Rosa, Narrabeen Chill hours: approx 300 hours (low)
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  • plumcot tree


    Plumcot is a mixture of a Japanese plum and an apricot, plumcot are large fruits, apricot colour and skin type, delicious plum/apricot interior flesh Ripens: February Pollinates with: Mariposa
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  • Sultan blood plum

    Heirloom blood plum, the Sultan blood plum is a rare breed, loved by all who try it, medium sized, soft and juicy blood red flesh, bright lively flavour, self fertile, ripening mid season, low spreading tree (easier to net) Ripens: Jan/Feb Pollinates with: Self fertile
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • Amber Jewell

    One of the newest plums in our list, and also probably the sweetest of any Japanese type plum in our list, this is a large conical plum developed in Australia, juicy and delicious, very low acidity, and flavour excellent, the Amber Jewel is a plum apricot hybrid with aromatic fragrance and a pleasant absence of acidity. Great fresh, or a wonderful addition to your favorite fruit salad. Has partial self fertility, or will set heavier crops with cross pollination from Santa Rosa or Tegan Blue, and numerous other Japanese type plums
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  • Dwarf Donsworth blood plum

    Dwarf plum Donsworth blood plum is the earliest of our blood plums, and a very good quality plum too, large, juicy and great flavour, reliable, should do well in  a lot of different places, grows to two metres high and two metres wide at maturity Ripens: December Pollinate with: Santa Rosa, Mariposa
    $46.00 inc. GST

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    Donsworth blood plum

    The Donsworth blood plum is the earliest of our blood plums, and a very good quality plum too, large, juicy and great flavour, reliable, should do well in  a lot of different places Ripens: December Pollinate with: Santa Rosa, Mariposa
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  • Flavour Supreme Pluot

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    Flavour Supreme is an unusual and delicious fruit which is a complex cross between a plum and an apricot. The large peach-sized fruits are smooth skinned and very juicy (like a plum) and have a unique flavour, much like a blend of fruit juices. They are deliciously flavoured, yielding fruit of incomparable sweetness. This variety is of the original plum-apricot crosses and a taste test winner. This is the sweetest and most flavoursome of the pluots and that is really saying something! Pluots flower early and therefore require similar growing conditions to apricots - a warm, sheltered site in full sun. They can be trained as a fan or grown as free standing trees.
  • Pluot

    This is a very popular interspecific fruit - Pluot is a cross between a Japanese plum and an apricot, very attractive fruits which look like plums, but have some good apricot tang in the flavour, a favourite with many who try it
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  • licola blood plum

    Licola blood plum

    The Licola blood plum is a small to medium size blood plum with very good sweet flavour, solid and meaty flesh with plenty of juice, ripens mid season just after Satsuma finishes, grows well with us in hot dry northern Victoria and we suspect would do well in cooler climates too (as this is where it originated) Ripens: Feb/March  
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  • dwarf plum mariposa

    Mariposa blood plum

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    Mariposa blood plum is a popular plum, egg shaped, mottled greeny red skin, dark red juicy sweet flesh, semi freestone, makes beautiful jam and plum sauce, and fine flavoured fresh eating, reliable regular cropper, excellent flavour, relatively low chill cultivar - only needs 250 chilling hours in winter, so worth a go in subtropical areas too, pollinate with Elephant Heart and Narrabeen Ripens: January Pollinate with: Elephant Heart, Narrabeen, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Ruby Blood Chill hours: 250 (low)
  • October Purple plum

    October Purple is an old plum variety, with dark purple to almost black skin, small stone, yellow amber flesh which is sweet and very juicy, ripening February, pollinates with Santa Rosa, Wickson, Burbank
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • Dwarf Elephant Heart plum

    Dwarf plum, we get many enquiries for this plum, the Elephant Heart plum, it's a large heart shaped, purple red blood plum with a genuinely distinctive flavour, a bit like a cherry, lovely juicy plum, ripens over a long period, comes grafted onto a dwarf rootstock, to grow approx 2 metres high, with good fruit load Ripens: Dec-Feb Pollinates with: Mariposa, dwarf mariposa
    $46.00 inc. GST

  • Elephant Heart plum

    We get many enquiries for this plum, the Elephant Heart plum, it's a large heart shaped, purple red blood plum with a genuinely distinctive flavour, a bit like a cherry, lovely juicy plum, ripens over a long period. Ripens: Dec-Feb Pollinates with: Mariposa
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • Gulf Gold plum

    The Gulf Gold plum is a golden coloured plum with good flavour and texture, small seed, has semi dwarfing characteristics, partly self  pollinating - will set a reasonable crop on its own, or it is a pollinating partner for Gulf Ruby, classic Japanese style plum, grows well in Victoria, and also suited to warmer subtropical regions with low winter chill hours (needs 350), northern reports suggest it doesn't seem greatly affected by fruit fly Ripens: Nov/Dec Pollinates with: Part Self fertile, or plant with Gulf Ruby Chill hours: 350 (low)
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • Gulf Ruby plum

    The Gulf Ruby plum is a yellow fleshed clingstone plum which will also suit warmer subtropical northern areas, as it needs very little winter chilling hours to form fruit buds (only 275 hours), attractive red plum and a good producer, resistant to bacterial spot. Ripens: Nov/Dec Pollinates with: Gulf Gold Chill Hours: 275 (low)
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • Dwarf Narrabeen plum

    The Dwarf Narrabeen plum is a small willowy growing tree, bearing large red plums with firm, yellow, fine flavoured flesh, late maturing, a slipstone, and a very satisfying plum to eat, does well with us, and said to have some natural resistance to bacterial blight, manageable tree growing to approx 2 metres tall Ripens: February Pollinates with: part self fertile, Mariposa, Satsuma, Santa Rosa
    $46.00 inc. GST

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