Nectarine Trees

Nectarine trees are offered mostly on standard sized rootstocks this year- and will make 3-4 metre trees in best conditions. Dwarf Nectarine trees are also listed here – Sunny Dwarf Nectarine, and Yellow Dwarf nectarine, and will yield nectarine trees of approximately 1.5 metres high

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  • spicezee


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    Spicezee truly tastes like a delicious cross of a plum and a nectarine. This 'nectaplum' is a great choice for the home gardener - it is slightly acidic and loaded with sugar giving it a spicy sweet flavour. Spice Zee is a beautiful ornamental tree with a tremendous spring bloom followed by dark red leaves in the spring that mature to a rich green-red in late summer. This variety is self-fertile and very productive

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    Newboy nectarine

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    Newboy nectarine is one of the newer varieties in our list, Newboy has sweet juicy white flesh and very good deep red skin colouring, very high quality fruit, Medium to large sized, freestone, ripens January, self fertile.

  • peacharine


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    A peacharine is a cross between a peach and a nectarine, with large, highly coloured fruit, yellow flesh and an excellent flavour. Self fertile.

  • sugar 'n' spice


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    Sugar'n'Spice is a cross between a nectarine and a Japanese plum. It produces a red-yellow skinned fruit with white flesh that has a sweet crisp flavour, ideal for home gardens. Ripens: Jan/Feb Pollinates with: Self fertile

  • arctic sweet nectarine

    Arctic Sweet nectarine

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    Arctic Sweet is a highly-colored nectarine with very sweet, white clingstone flesh. Ripening just after Arctic Star, the fruit exhibits good size and impressive skin color (80-90% bright red over white). The tree is vigorous and productive.  Arctic Sweet nectarine is a low chill cultivar - one which will also grow and fruit in warmer northern climates, Arctic sweet nectarine has firm crisp white flesh, and is a good fresh eater. Ripens: Feb Pollinates : Self fertile

  • Jack’s Choice nectarine

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    Jack's Choice nectarine was originally grown as a seedling in a trial at Yalca, and just about our latest white fleshed nectarine, nearly as late as Fairlane, chosen by one of our staff as their favourite nectarine, crisp white flesh. Ripens: late March Pollinate with: Self fertile

  • TangO nectarine

    Dwarf TangO nectarine

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    Dwarf nectarine TangO is a two metre high nectarine - the variety is a self fertile yellow fleshed donut / flat shaped nectarine, tree grows 2 metres high and 2 metres wide, also possible to grow in a pot

  • Dwarf Nectared nectarine

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    Dwarf Nectared nectarine is a two metre high tree with large fruit that has full red skin and firm yellow fine textured flesh, semi freestone with a very good sweet flavour, used for fresh eating as well as cooking

  • Donut nectarine

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    The Donut nectarine is a flat nectarine, remarkably flat shape, quite a curiosity, white flesh, good flavour

  • Dwarf Sundowner nectarine

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    Dwarf nectarine Sundowner is an early ripening freestone nectarine, setting very heavy crops of well flavoured, attractive fruits, yellow fleshed, popular in N.S.W. and northern areas for its low chill hour requirement, 2 metres high at full maturity, easily manageable backyard tree Ripens: January Pollinate with: Self fertile

  • Dwarf Flavourtop nectarine

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    The Flavourtop nectarine is a good yellow fleshed freestone nectarine, plenty of red blush, attractive appearance, fruit well liked by many people, cropping mid season, excellent flavour, we offer it grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock to make a manageable 2 metre - 2.5 metre tree - easy to care for, and great for small backyards Ripens: late Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Self fertile

  • Honeykist nectarine

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    The Honeykist nectarine is a rare older yellow fleshed nectarine, heavy bearer, rich juicy and sweet, soft flesh, ripens early season, perfect on a hot summers day. Ripens: January Pollinate with: Self fertile

  • Emillie nectarine

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    Emillie nectarine is white fleshed, tender and juicy, medium sized fruits and a very good bearer. Early ripening, not available in mainstream nurseries any more. Ripens: January Pollinate with: Self fertile

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