Walnut Trees

Walnut trees produce a well known nut which is eaten fresh, (not too many at a time, as they are very rich), they keep flavour well when cooked and are used in ice-cream, cakes, breads, and sweets – maybe the most famous of which is the Greek Baklava. Walnut trees provide an essential ingredient in the very fine Waldorf salad.

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    Howard walnut

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    Howard walnut (grafted) with large smooth nuts, howard contains excellent kernal quality great for backyards with the tree only growing small to medium size
  • Tulare walnut

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    Offered as a grafted tree, the Tulare walnut is a nearly round nut with very high quality kernels. Harvested mid-season, the Tulare walnut variety requires no pollenizer due to a good coincidence of pistillate bloom and pollen shedding. The upright, moderately vigorous Tulare tree presents high production potential especially in hedgerow and other high-density planting systems
  • Franquette walnut

    Another grafted tree, the Franquette walnut is also very popular for backyard growing, not making quite as large a tree as standard varieties, but larger than Chandler,  good quality nut with sweet flavour
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  • Chandler walnut

    The Chandler walnut is a grafted walnut tree, new cultivar from the univeristy of California, smaller, semi dwarfed tree capable of bearing heavy crops as it is a lateral bearer, kernels of excellent sweet quality, trees remains compact so is more suitable for home garden situations, we had nuts in year three on one of our young grafted trees - significantly earlier than any other variety we have seen - often other varieties can take 6-8 years
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  • Cisco walnut

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    The Cisco walnut is a grafted walnut tree, Nut and kernel similar to Franquette trees, Cisco is an extremely late leafing, laterally fruitful walnut. In growth habit, the tree is semi-upright and relatively small. The Cisco nut and kernel are similar to Franquette, but slightly larger. Handy pollenizer for Chandler and Howard
  • Sunland walnut

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    Sunland is an early-leafing, late-maturing walnut, offers heavy crops of particularly huge nuts with plump kernels averaging 10.4 grams. The Sunland kernel is light with a very good crackout (58%) and the tree is a good lateral bearer (80% of lateral buds bear flowers). The tree is self fertile, setting heavy crops even when planted alone
  • walnut tree

    Black walnut

    The Black walnut is a native American nut, widely grown for the high quality of its hardwood for craftsmen, makes a prized specimen timber -the wood is used to make flooring, furniture and rifle stocks, but also carries a very highly flavoured nut. Oil is pressed from the seeds, they are so rich that usually only a few are eaten at a time. The Black walnut are harder to shell than other varieties -maybe a help in thwarting the birds!
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