Fruit Tree Hybrids

Fruit trees in this category include stone fruits which have been crossed with each other to produce new fruits, including Pluots (plum/apricot cross), and Sugar’n/Spice (nectarine/plum cross)

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  • triple grafted fruit tree

    Fruit medley tree – triple graft

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    Triple grafted fruit salad tree is a three way grafted stone fruit tree, with a branch of Trevatt apricot, one branch of Bendigo Beauty white peach, and a branch of the Satsuma blood plum - three different fruits on the one tree - great for small spaces where there is only enough room to plant one tree, but you get a harvest of three different fruits from it.
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    A peacharine is a cross between a peach and a nectarine, with large, highly coloured fruit, yellow flesh and an excellent flavour. Self fertile.
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    The Peachcot is a great eating fruit, early maturing. The flavour is between a peach and an apricot.
  • Pleach

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    Another of the most popular of the hybrids - a Pleach is a cross between a Japanese plum and a peach, may also be known as the Blackboy peach, flesh is stained dark red / purple, lovely mixture of plum and peach characters

  • Pluot

    This is a very popular interspecific fruit - Pluot is a cross between a Japanese plum and an apricot, very attractive fruits which look like plums, but have some good apricot tang in the flavour, a favourite with many who try it
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