Fig Trees

Fig trees are hardy customers with very good drought tolerance. They really are fruit trees from out of antiquity, up there with the oldest of known fruits still cultivated, known in Biblical times and well before, along with grapes and olives. The fruit from fig trees is either dried or eaten fresh – delicious, but is difficult to get in the market, as it has such a short shelf life, and it is actually at its best when eaten straight from the tree – hence the need to grow your own! It is cooked in breads, desserts and myriad other dishes, (some of the best cooked figs I ever ate were simply cut in half, sprinkled lightly with brown sugar, grilled and then dolloped with mascarpone cream…divine). To overcome their inability to be transported figs have been dried, which they are suited to with their high sugar content. The fruit of fig trees is also used to make a uniquely flavoured jam.

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  • preston prolific fig

    Preston Prolific fig

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    Preston Prolific fig has become popular in modern times, preston prolific has a very good reputation for a jam maker  
  • Yellow Excel fig

    Yellow Excel fig has a light yellow skin with amber flesh, a milder fig flavour, popular in N.S.W., excellent as fresh fruit, canning or drying, tree is strong and vigorous
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  • White Adriatic fig

    This fig is another one of David Arnold's recommendations, the White Adriatic fig is the one, he says, that impresses people the most. Sometimes called the strawberry jam fig, in reference to its sweet jelly like red flesh, excellent flavour and flesh quality, a curiosity with this variety is that the early crop on the tree tends to be fruit with light coloured skin, and the later crop is more dark blushed, trees have very large leaves
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  • White Genoa fig

    The White Genoa fig seems to be a better performer than others in cooler areas, yellow green skin and orangey amber flesh, milder flavour, not quite as rich for those who don’t like the really intense fig flavour, fruits early summer and late autumn
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  • Brown-Turkey-fig

    Brown Turkey fig

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    Brown Turkey fig is one of the earliest varieties of fig to produce, but bearing over a long period, large in size, with green skin overlaid with brown, pink juicy flesh, and a sweet rich flavour. In Australia the Brown Turkey fig does better in the dry inland than in coastal areas, but a very hardy fig which copes well with difficult conditions
  • Black Genoa Fig

    Black Genoa fig

    Black Genoa fig bears large purple skinned fruit with dark red very rich sweet flesh, very productive and vigorous tree, gives a good crop – enough for you and some for the birds as well
    $28.00 inc. GST

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