Persimmon Trees

Persimmon trees are a lovely ornamental specimen fruit tree, often with a semi weeping form, which gives a beautiful display of deep orange autumn leaves, and retains many of its orange coloured fruit after leaf fall, making it the prettiest fruit tree in the winter garden. The botanical word for persimmon trees is ‘diospyros’ meaning ‘food of the gods’, and it’s not far wrong either – the problem with these fruit being that they are often not left to ripen properly before eating, and they are very astringent when unripe. When ripe they are a delicious rich sweet flavour quite unlike any other fruit in the garden. Louis Glowinski suggests flavour is not unlike apricot jam.

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    Hyakumo persimmon

    Hyakumo persimmon is a bearer of very large, roundish fruit, yellow skin, sometimes patched with dark brown areas, extra fine quality, rich and luscious. The tree is a medium  to good bearer and fruit should be allowed to hang till frosts come, then they are best stored till they go soft, when they will have no astringency left and are delicious to eat, Hyakumo persimmon will tend to set only a modest crop of fruits on its own with out pollination from another variety, so it is best to plant another persimmon close by to pollinate - Dai Dai Maru is often recommended as a very good pollinator
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  • Fuyu semi dwarf persimmon

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    Fuyu semi dwarf persimmon grows to a smaller tree, reaching maybe 2 – 2.5 metres. Large, slightly flattened fruits, dark orange – red coloured skin, non astringent fruits are good and edible when still hard and crisp, but then gains even more flavour as it softens to a soft jam like texture – ripens late in season, about the middle of May, and stores well, does well in cold or hot climate, hardy tree, practically pest free, only needs 250 hours winter chilling so will suit subtropics as well as temperate areas
  • Flat Seedless persimmon

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    The Flat Seedless persimmon produces round yellow large fruits, with yellow flesh and no seeds, delicious flavour, astringent type, lovely soft fleshed sweet fruits, great autumn colours in leaves
  • Nightingale persimmon

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    The Nightingale persimmon is a smaller tree with lovely flavoured big sized fruits, ripening early season, the tree is a heavy bearer, suitable for smaller gardens, this tree is the best for cooler districts

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