Apple trees

Apple trees this year include a great many unusual and old-fashioned fruits (we have over 100 varieties in our orchard on the farm). We offer a selection of these in our catalogue each year, along with some of the best of our modern apples.

Apple trees this year come grafted on MM106 rootstocks, a semi dwarfing rootstock which will grow to somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 metres high, and are very easy to keep pruned lower than this if you want to. Dwarf apple trees are also offered this year, grafted onto M26 rootstocks, which give a two metre high tree – these are not listed here – you need to look in the dwarf apple trees section of the shop to find them.

Some apple tree varieties are labelled ‘triploid’, meaning they do not have viable pollen to cross pollinate another tree, so don’t choose one of these with only one other variety, or the triploid will get pollinated, but the other variety won’t – you will need a third variety to do this. Why bother with triploid apples then? Because they represent some of the best apples we know.


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