Zelkova Serrata Green Vase

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Zelkova Serrata Green Vase, a very adaptable and graceful, deciduous, ornamental tree with excellent uniformity and branch structure. Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’ is an attractive choice for use in parks and private gardens where space permits. Excellent street and avenue tree where its natural habit allows vehicular and pedestrian traffic to pass.  Moderate to fast Growing.  Also known as Green Vase Japanese Elm

Genus: Zelkova

Species: Serrata

Foliage: Bright green, ovate leaves with distinctly serrate margins. The autumn colours are yellow, coppery-bronze to red.

Ornamental Fruit: Insignificant

Flowers: inconspicuous

Habit: Vase, upright branching

Height and Width: 14 x 10

Growing conditions: Full Sun, will tolerate partial shade, heat tolerant, tolerates air pollution, resistant to pests and disease

Uses: Street Tree, Avenue tree, Shade tree, Parks and Gardens

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