Claret Ash – ‘Raywood’ – large, nursery pick up only

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Fraxinus Raywood angustifolia, a good shade tree with beautiful autumn foliage, the Claret Ash is suitable for larger gardens, parks and street plantings. Has been a very popular landscape tree in Australia for many years.

Foliage: Dark green, pinnate leaves, turning a rich claret-red to plum-purple in autumn.

Ornamental Fruit: Samaras, 3 to 4 cm long.

Habit: Ovate to rounded when mature. Narrow, upright when young.

Height and Width: 12m x 9m

Growing conditions: Frost hardy and suitable to most climates. Once established it is drought tolerant and also tolerant of pollution.

Uses: A popular shade tree with brilliant Autumn foliage. Ideal for parks, large gardens and avenue planting.




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