Dwarf Black Mulberry

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Dwarf Black Mulberry is a genuinely dwarfed version of the standard black mulberry tree, perfect for small spaces and little backyards, the dwarf black mulberry tree will grow to approx 2-2.5 metres in height, and remain at a manageable small size, giving ease of picking, pruning and netting, the tree bears normal sized berries, will bear much more heavily if you keep it pruned back hard each year - it just shoots again and fruits on the fresh new growth....
The dwarf mulberries we supply are quite a lot smaller than our other trees when sent out, - approx one foot or less in height..dont be fooled however - they are pretty much the fastest growing of all our plants, in the first year from transplant. They can often make a multi branched tree of nearly two metres high, in just one season, if looked after well. Their initial growth can be quite astonishing to watch

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