Dwarf Monty’s Surprise apple

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A Monty’s Surprise apple a day really does help keep the doctor away! This SPECIAL apple has been selected from scientific research reports that prove that it has some of the highest flavonoids and antioxidant levels both in the skin and flesh of any variety of apple found in the world (many times higher) .High micro nutrient levels exist in this special apple variety also. It has been reported by health organisations around the world that high levels of these naturally occurring compounds are beneficial to the human body in assisting the immune system to help fight obesity, sickness and disease. Monty's Surprise apples have extra large fruit size, they were found using natural plant selection methods, and they are a crisp, good eating apple and an excellent cooking apple


Pollinates with: Pinkabelle, Leprechaun, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Gala.

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