maypole ballerina apple

Maypole Ballerina apple

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Maypole Ballerina apple is a compact, columnar tree,growing to approximately three metres, but only to a width of 60 cm, which gives it a column type shape.  The tree boasts a tremendous spring display of large, cerise-pink flowers. The growing  tips of the leaves are a soft claret red which turns to a bronze / green. Maypole Ballerina apple has a stunning floral display which is seen to best effect when planted in a row or a group formation. It bears large, dark red crab apples and these are produced abundantly making the tree very attractive during the harvest season, as well as the flowering season.  The dark red fruit hangs on the tree for a long time. Maypole Ballerina apple has red flesh which is unique,  and it makes a terrific crab apple jelly.

Ripens: April

Pollinate with: ‘Bolero”, Flamenco’, ‘Polka’, ‘Waltz’

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