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    Lapins cherry – ORCHARD PACK

    $775.00 inc. GST
    Lapins cherry - bundle of fifty trees, offered at $15.50 each. Lapins produces large dark black fruit with deep red firm juicy flesh and very good flavour, self fertile, late harvest, fruits should be left on the tree until dark red / mahogany colour is reached, has resistance to skin splitting in the rain Ripens:  Jan/Feb Pollinates with:  Self fertile Chill hours: 400-500 hours  
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    A new variety for us this year - one of the earliest varieties to....
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    Dwarf Mutsu apple

    $24.00 inc. GST
    The Dwarf Mutsu apple has been bred from Golden Delicious, and coming out of Japan, very popular large apple, golden green skin, cooks to pale yellow pieces, heavy cropper.   Often used for baking pies. Highly resistant to frost injury. Consider Grimes Golden, Liberty and/or White Pearmain for pollination. Triploid. Ripens: May/June
  • Dwarf Snow apple

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Dwarf Snow Apple, This mid-season apple originated in France in the 1600s. Small, sweet and crunchy, the pure white flesh is always popular. Pollinated by ‘Granny Smith’, ‘Jonathan’, ‘Cripp’s Pink’ and ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’.   Named after the apple’s white flesh and resilience in cold weather. Snow apples are considered to be a dessert variety, primarily consumed fresh. Snow apples are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as baking, boiling, and roasting.  Also known as Pomme De Neige, Chimney Apples & Fameuse.
  • Bonza Apple

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Bonza was a chance seedling found in Batlow and introduced in the 1950s. The Bonza variety has a green/cream background colour under a red blush. The variety is characterised by a very white firm flesh with a sweet flavour, and is particularly good for cutting and in salads as it tends to keep its colour after being cut. It is a good pollinator for Delicious and Red Delicious.  Application: Eating, salads, drying.  Harvest: March-Aprll.
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    White Opal Peach

    $24.00 inc. GST
    White Opal' Peach
    Medium to large size for low chill season. Rounded, slightly ovate in shape. Well coloured with red blush on the exposed fruit, over a creamy-white ground colour. White, melting flesh.
    Ripens about 75 days after bloom. (About 2 to 3 weeks after 'TropicBeauty').
    Best suited to warm termperate.
    Suited to areas that receive minimal cold weather during the winter months. This cultivar should perform well along coastal regions from Sydney through to Nambour, Qld and in the coastal areas of Perth. Matures early to mid-season in low chill districts.
  • Tropic Beauty Peach

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Medium size for low chill season. Attractive red blush over a yellow ground colour. Flesh is yellow, melting and has a clingstone. Flavour is very good for low chill. Ripens about 89 days after bloom. Matures early season in low chill areas. (Depending on region grown can be harvested around late October).
    Best suited to warm temperate regions. Self-fertile.  Suited to areas that receive minimal cold weather during winter months. This cultivar should perfrom well along regions from Sydney through to Nambour, Qld and in the coastal areas of Perth.

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