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  • Autumn Bliss raspberries

    Bogong raspberries (pack of five)

    Bogong raspberries are a primocane variety fruiting 3 weeks earlier than Heritage. The majority of the fruit ripens the first 3 weeks with a small percentage ripening until the first frost. Red fruits are firm, fine flavoured and large, good reliable cropper
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  • Autumn Bliss raspberries

    Autumn Bliss raspberries (pack of five)

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    Autumn Bliss raspberries are an autumn fruiting variety of raspberry, with excellent colour, size, flavour, used for eating fresh, jams, frozen, Autumn Bliss will extend the picking season significantly on other raspberry varieties
  • Chilcotin raspberries (pack of five)

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    Chilcotin raspberries are a heavy cropper, ripening mid season over about four to five weeks, canes can grow quite tall compared to other varieties
  • Autumn Bliss raspberries

    Chilliwack raspberries (pack of five)

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    Chilliwack raspberries are a popular variety, originally coming out of Canada, excellent colour, size, flavour and rot resistance, tall erect spineless canes
  • Nootka raspberries (pack of five)

    Nootka raspberries fruits mid summer and again in autumn, probably best in cool climate and good soils. In our long hot summers it tends to be average in size of its summer crop, but in autumn, gets bigger.
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  • Purple raspberry

    Purple raspberries are a rare breed of plant. Supplied as a single plant, they are a larger berry than the more common red variety, purple raspberries have a typical conical raspberry shape and a similar raspberry flavor, but they are sweeter than the red variety due to higher sugar content, longer canes than standard raspberry and trained more like the blackberry cultivars
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  • Heritage raspberries (pack of five)

    Heritage raspberries start cropping in late summer and continues right through to the end of autumn. Fruit comes on the new current season growth, and pruning is easy – just cut out all canes, or mow straight over the top of them. Does well in different localities, also recommended as the best variety for subtropical / low chill areas
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  • Golden raspberry – one plant

    Golden raspberry is a new variety for us this year, due to limited quantities, we are limiting them to one plant per customer - they have a unique flavour, with hints of apricot, firm, juicy and sweet, cold hardy, heat tolerant, disease resistant
    $12.00 inc. GST

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