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  • peach elberta

    Blackburn Elberta peach

    Blackburn Elberta Peach Ripens: Feb/March Pollinate with: Self fertile
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • semi dwarf O'Henry peach

    Dwarf O’Henry peach

    O'Henry is offered this year as a dwarf sized peach tree, growing to approx 2.5 metres, O'Henry peach is a late ripening yellow fleshed peach, full red skin, some red staining in flesh, large peaches which are very popular fresh eating and also good preserving, strong, vigourous, heavy bearing tree, one of the best, originating in N.S.W. Ripens: mid to late Feb. Pollination : Self fertile
    $46.00 inc. GST

  • Orion peach

    Out of stock

    Orion peach is the earliest peach in our list by a fair way ripening well before anything else. Ripens: Nov/Dec Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • J.H. Hale Million Dollar peach

    Out of stock

    J.H. Hale Million Dollar peach is described by one old orchardist I knew, as one of the nicest peaches he ever ate.  Large fruits, yellow succulent flesh, best flavour, one of the rare peaches that requires pollination to set a good crop - plant together with Blackburn Elberta for good pollination and fruit set
    Ripens:                    Feb/March
    Pollinates with:   Blackburn Elberta

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