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      Feijoa Tree - an ornamental tree, with pink red flowers, commonly known as pineapple guavas, producing sweet tropical tasting fruit. Hardy, pest resistant, drought tolerant.  
  • Chinese Elm

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    Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia syn U. Chinensis) is a semi evergreen or deciduous small to medium graceful tree with spreading branches and small glossy green f
  • Pistachia Chinensis

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      Pistachia Chinensis is an ornamental shade/street tree or feature, green leaves turn golden, orange and red in autumn.  Prefers full sunlight.  
  • American Redbud

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    American Redbud is an ornamental tree with attractive, pink blossom, great for landscaping, red/Purple Heart shaped leaves change to dark green then yellow.  Yields brown/black pods. Grows in a rounded vase shape.
  • Prunus Elvins

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    Prunus Elvins is a small, deciduous, flowering ornamental plum grown for its amazing display of white, changing to pink, flowers covering bare willowy branches from mid-spring.  Upright branching.  Rounded and compact. Foliage: Dark green leaves to 7 cm long with a serrulate margin, Height and Width: 3m Growing conditions: Full sun, part sun, tolerates moderate frost, Uses: Good for small gardens and parks, Japanese gardens, Family: Rosaceae Origin: Africa Asia  
  • Chestnut-Leaved Oak

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    Chestnut-Leaved Oak


    The large and majestic Chestnut-Leaved Oak, Quercus castaneifolia, from the Beech (Fagaceae) family, is an extraordinary tree reflecting beauty and diversity of forests around the world.

    A deciduous tree with glossy dark green jagged leaves, dull grey underneath, growing up to 20cm in length

    Flowers - catkins fruiting to acorns, mossy cups.   Can grow to 30m in height, 12m in an urban environment.

    How to grow:

    The Chestnut-Leaved Oak is low maintenance, easy to grow, requires full sun and is wind pollinated, fast growing, is frost and drought tolerant, has low flammability, good wind resistance.  Plant during the dormancy period.   Can live for 500 years or more.


    The Chestnut-Leaved Oak is a shade tree and a feature tree, suitable for avenues, driveways and parks.   Even though the acorns are bitter they are eaten by pigeons, jays, squirrels and other wildlife.


    Native to the mountains of the Caucasus and Northern Iran, closely related to the Turkey Oak and similar in appearance, was introduced to England in 1843.   The oldest one was planted in Kew in 1846 and still stands today, surviving the hurricane of 1987.

  • Cottonwood Poplar

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    Cottonwood Poplar (populus deltoides) is a fast growing, deciduous, farm tree. Genus: Populus Foliage: Shiny, broad, heart shaped green leaves Habit: Spreading, broad headed Height and Width: 20 metres x 10 metres Growing conditions: Tolerant to most soil types, air pollution and coastal conditions. Full sun. Uses: Popular urban tree, suitable for large gardens or parks. Often used as wind breaks. Family: Salicaceae Origin: Eastern North America
  • London Plane Tree, platanus acerifolia, a majestic tree ornamental tree. Foliage: Large, mid-green leaves with three to five coarsely serrated lobes that loosely resemble those of some Acers. Golden-yellow to golden-bronze in autumn, not notable. Ornamental Fruit: Pendulous, bristly balls to 25 mm wide are produced in groups of two to three. Habit: Rounded, open. Pyramidal when young. Eventually becoming a large tree. Height and Width: 14m x 10m Growing conditions: Tolerant of urban conditions and pollution, Full sun to light shade. Uses: widely utilised for urban planting and large open spaces such as parks and gardens, Commonly used as a large street, avenue or park tree. Family: Origin:
  • Fraxinus Raywood

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    Fraxinus Raywood angustifolia, Claret Ash, A good shade tree with beautiful autumn foliage, the Claret Ash is suitable for larger gardens, parks and street plantings. Has been a very popular landscape tree in Australia for many years. Foliage: Dark green, pinnate leaves, turning a rich claret-red to plum-purple in autumn. Ornamental Fruit: Samaras, 3 to 4 cm long. Habit: Ovate to rounded when mature. Narrow, upright when young. Height and Width: 12m x 9m Growing conditions: Frost hardy and suitable to most climates. Once established it is drought tolerant and also tolerant of pollution. Uses: A popular shade tree with brilliant Autumn foliage. Ideal for parks, large gardens and avenue planting. Family: Origin:
  • Prunus x blireana

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    Prunus x blireana, A proven robust small, ornamental, deciduous, flowering plum for a wide range of situations with an excellent massed display of double pink flowers followed by bronzy-purple foliage. Cross between the Japanese apricot (Prunus mume) and the purple-leaved plum (Prunus cerasifera ‘Pissardii’).  Also known as the Purple-leafed Plum.  Does not produce fruit. Foliage: Bronzy-purple to dark greenish-purple. New growth is bronzy-red. Habit: Upright, narrow, becoming rounded with age. Fast growing when young. Height and Width: 4m x 4m Growing conditions: Sheltered position is required to protect from wind, to avoid the flowers blowing off, frost hardy, full sun Uses: Attractive as a single specimen or in massed planting for long driveways and avenues, contrast plant, Family: ROSEACEAE Origin:
  • Prunus Nigra

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    Prunus Cerasifera Nigra is a small, deciduous, ornamental flowering plum with very dark purple summer foliage carried on dark branches. Single pink flowers in spring make a spectacular display. Popular Australian Street Tree. Foliage: Dull dark blackish-purple summer foliage, ruby red in colour when new and reddish-purple in autumn. Habit: Upright, becoming rounded with a tidy habit. Height and Width: 5m x 4m Growing conditions: Full Sun, frost tolerant, tolerates heat once established Uses: Often used as a striking small foliage contrast tree for smaller gardens or as a street tree Family: Origin:
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    White Ash

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    The White Ash is a beautiful shade tree, fast growing, deciduous with yellow to purple Autumn foliage, 15-20m height, pyramidal when young, growing into a round or oval shape Growing conditions: Frost tolerant, Prefers full sun Uses: Landscaping, Feature Tree, Parklands, Specimen Tree, Furniture, Flooring History: Fraxinus americana, Oleaceae family


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