non-astringent persimmon

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  • Fuyu semi dwarf persimmon

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    Fuyu semi dwarf persimmon grows to a smaller tree, reaching maybe 2 – 2.5 metres. Large, slightly flattened fruits, dark orange – red coloured skin, non astringent fruits are good and edible when still hard and crisp, but then gains even more flavour as it softens to a soft jam like texture – ripens late in season, about the middle of May, and stores well, does well in cold or hot climate, hardy tree, practically pest free, only needs 250 hours winter chilling so will suit subtropics as well as temperate areas
  • Flat Seedless persimmon

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    The Flat Seedless persimmon produces round yellow large fruits, with yellow flesh and no seeds, delicious flavour, astringent type, lovely soft fleshed sweet fruits, great autumn colours in leaves

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