low chill plum

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  • Gulf Gold plum

    The Gulf Gold plum is a golden coloured plum with good flavour and texture, small seed, has semi dwarfing characteristics, partly self  pollinating - will set a reasonable crop on its own, or it is a pollinating partner for Gulf Ruby, classic Japanese style plum, grows well in Victoria, and also suited to warmer subtropical regions with low winter chill hours (needs 350), northern reports suggest it doesn't seem greatly affected by fruit fly Ripens: Nov/Dec Pollinates with: Part Self fertile, or plant with Gulf Ruby Chill hours: 350 (low)
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • Gulf Ruby plum

    The Gulf Ruby plum is a yellow fleshed clingstone plum which will also suit warmer subtropical northern areas, as it needs very little winter chilling hours to form fruit buds (only 275 hours), attractive red plum and a good producer, resistant to bacterial spot. Ripens: Nov/Dec Pollinates with: Gulf Gold Chill Hours: 275 (low)
    $29.00 inc. GST

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