heritage pears

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  • josephine pear

    Dwarf Josephine pear

    Dwarf Josephine pear is offered for the first time this year, grafted onto quince rootstocks to make a genuinely dwarfed small backyard tree, which will grow to approx 2.5 metres at full maturity, dwarf Josephine will have a good crop load of full sized pears, Dwarf Josephine is an early winter pear with excellent fruit quality, rounded fruits, smooth skin, greenish yellow, with a faint blush. Yellowish white flesh is firm but tender, outstanding aroma, juicy, sweet, and rich in flavour. An old French Pear Ripens: April/May. Pollinates with: Lemon Bergamot, Packham's Triumph, Beurre Hardy
    $36.00 inc. GST

  • nashi nijiseiki

    Nijiseiki 20th Century nashi pear

    Nijiseiki 20th Century nashi pear produceres yellow, fully and perfectly rounded fruit, immaculate crispness, more juice than anything else, a treat for Nashi lovers Ripens:  April/May Pollinates with: Williams, Beurre Bosc, Douyenne De Comice
    $29.00 inc. GST

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