heritage cherry

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  • Kentish cherry

    The Kentish cherry is a lovely old cooking cherry coming in much earlier than other cherries. Quite edible fresh, the fruit are a pale red colour and are used for making jam and preserving, tree shows some drought tolerance and seems hardy, growing to semi dwarf size 2.5 - 3 metres, the Kentish cherry is a pretty tree, they were selected by the planners to be distributed for planting around Canberra as an ornamental, when establishing the new city. Ripens: November  
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  • Napoleon cherry

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    Napoleon cherry would have to come close to one of our favourites -I think it is probably the best I have tasted – it is a yellow/pink skinned cherry, flavour first class, and good sized fruit, lack of bright red colour also means it can get some natural camouflage from the birds Ripens:  Early December Pollinate with:  Rainier, Stella, Van, Blackboy

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