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  • Dwarf Fenouillet Gris apple

    Dwarf Fenouillet Gris apple is one of the more unusual heirloom apples, an ancient French variety from the 16th century, very sweet with hints of flavour like fennel and anise
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  • Fenouillet Gris apple

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    Most unusual heirloom apple, an ancient French variety from the 16th century, very sweet and tastes like fennel and anise
  • Dwarf Dabinett cider apple

    Dwarf Dabinett cider apple grafted to M9 rootstock and producing approx two metre high trees, fruit that are fairly large, green skin flushed with red stripes, soft flesh, harvests midseason. An English cider apple that produces full-bodied bittersweet juice, flowering late, but considered to be quite self fertile when grown on its own Ripens: April Pollinate with: Self fertile Type: Bittersweet
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  • Dabinett cider apple

    An English cider apple from Somerset in the UK, that produces full-bodied bittersweet juice, Dabinett is one of the most reliable and easy to grow. It can be used in blended ciders but also makes an excellent single varietal cider. Produces fruit that are fairly large, with bright red skin, and soft flesh, harvests midseason. Flowers late, but believed to be fairly self fertile on its own Ripens: April Pollinate with: Self fertile Type: Bittersweet
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  • Ribston Pippin apple

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    Ribston Pippin apple is from the mid 1700's, said to be one of the parents of such famous apples as Cox's Orange Pippin and Sturmer Pippin, dense, quite acid  yellow aromatic flesh, rich flavour, midseason harvest, triploid M106 Rootstock Ripens: March Pollinate with: Beauty of Bath, Red Braeburn, Vista Bella, Fenouillet Gris, Geeveston Fanny, Breakwell's Seedling (cider), Yarlington Mill (cider), Floribunda (crab) Triploid: needs 2-3  pollinators

  • Peasgood’s Nonsuch apple

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    Peasgood's Nonsuch apple is a popular and much loved apple from bygone years in Australia. Red striped on yellow green background, fruit grow quite large, coarse flesh, eats well fresh, and also a lovely cooker, useful in pies, dumplings, cider, juice, feed the pigs… Ripens: March/April Pollinate with: Democrat, Golden Noble, King of the Pippins, Michelin (cider), Orleans Reinette, King Cole, Summer Strawberry
  • cox's orange pippin apple tree

    Cox’s Orange Pippin apple

    Cox's Orange Pippin apple is perhaps the most famous of all the heritage apples – wonderful fresh eating, rich spicy nutty flavour, crisp, aromatic, perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, is said to do best in cooler areas but we have eaten some brilliant fruit from ours here in northern Victoria Ripens: Feb/March Pollinate with: Jonathan, Lady Williams, Berner Rosen, Bonza, Freyburg, Fuji, Pink Lady, Merton Worcester, Rokewood, Gala, Granny Smith, Sturmer Pippin
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  • Calville Blanc D'Hiver apple

    Calville Blanc D’Hiver apple

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    The Calville Blanc D'Hiver apple is one of the very oldest apples still around, dating from the 1600's in France, famed for making delicious apple pies, very good cider addition, this variety also contains more Vitamin C than an orange Ripens: May/June

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