Hazel nut

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  • Lambert hazelnut

    Lambert hazelnut is a prolific cropper, excellent quality large long nuts, with a sweet flavour, moderately vigourous upright grower
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  • Tonda di Giffoni hazelnut

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    Tonda Di Giffoni Hazelnut Tree is one of the most prized Italian cultivars due to its delectable, round kernels that are very easy to process. These cold-hardy plants can be pruned into a tree form or managed as a large bush, early flowering variety, highly resistant to hazelnut blight, and also one of the lowest chill requirement cultivars - needs only about 600 hours winter chill in order to set fruit
  • Barcelona hazelnut

    The Barcelona hazelnut, originally derived from Spain in the 19th Century, this is one of the older varieties still available, still used commercially, medium to large round nut, productive and hardy, good quality and flavour
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  • Hall’s Giant hazelnut

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    Hall's Giant hazel is particularly handy to have as part of a mixed planting, as it produces masses of pollen that will ensure a heavy crop of nearby varieties. It produces excellent crops of very large hazelnuts. Known as Merveille de Bollwiller, it originated in France, and despite its name, grows as quite a compact bush - it was named for the size of the nuts, very vigorous and exceptionally reliable, large, rather pointed, glossy brown nuts with an excellent flavour
  • American White hazelnut

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    The American White hazelnut is a medium sized nut with light brown skin colouring, very tasty and a heavy bearer
  • Red Avelline Hazelnut

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    Also known as Webbs Prize Redskin, the Red Avelline Hazelnut is a nut with a red skin on the nut kernel, taste is excellent, tree is a very good pollinator, and some think it may be partially self fertile so it stands a chance of bearing a crop without other trees nearby

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