Gage plum

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  • Coles Golden Gage plum

    Coles Golden Gage plum is an upright and branching tree with large sweet fruit with green/yellow skin and golden flesh, sweet plum, freestone, recommended pollinators include Green Gage, President, Damson. Used for eating, preserving, jam Ripens: late February
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  • Jefferson plum

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    Jefferson plum is named after the American President with a keen interest in things agricultural and who died four years before Jefferson was discovered, a plum with yellow green skin and bronze spots, juicy yellow flesh, believed by some to be part of the 'gage' plum family Ripens: February Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • Green Gage plum

    Green Gage plum is an amazing eating experience – sweet and very richly flavoured but balanced with perfect amount of acidity. Singled out by the author of the Australian Fruit Tree book, Louis Glowinski, as his favourite fruit overall (a big rave, given his book covers a fairly significant proportion of the fruit kingdom) but this is a great plum, rootstock : Myrobolan plum. Ripens: February Pollinate with: Coe's Golden Drop, D'Agen
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