dwarf pear tree

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  • Beurre Anjou pear

    Dwarf pear Red D’Anjou

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    Dwarf pear Red D'Anjou, grafted to a two metre high rootstock, remains compact in size, is a red skinned pear, very popular now, great flavour, late ripener, crisp and sweet
  • Dwarf Beurre Diel pear

    Dwarf Beurre Diel is grafted to dwarfing rootstock to give a two metre tree, Also know as Beurre Magnifique, and Beurre De Trois Tours,the Beurre Diel pear is a very fine flavoured dessert pear with crisp flesh originating from Belgium in 1800, russeted lemon-yellow skin overlaid with brown, lumpy unusual shape. Late maturity (end march/april) pollinate with Dorondeau, Packhams Triumph
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    Dwarf Buttira Precoce Morettini pear

    Dwarf Buttira Precoce Morettini pear is grafted to dwarfing rootstock, the pear is from Italian origins, on a dwarfing tree but one of the largest sized fruits of the pears we grow - pick one pear and make a meal for four people!  Yellow fruits with very good flavour, slight russeting, firm, juicy, and a very early cropper
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  • Dwarf Vicar of Winkfield pear

    Dwarf Vicar of Winkfield pear is a very old English pear, has medium to large green fruits, elongated neck, one of the very latest winter pears to bear, pears useful for culinary purposes, also good fresh eaters, disease resistant
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