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  • Douyenne Du Comice pear

    Dwarf Douyenne Du Comice pear

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    Semi dwarf Douyenne Du Comice pear is offered for the first time this year, as a tree that will grow to approx 2.5 metres at full maturity, semi dwarf Douyenne Du Comice pear will have good crops of full sized pears, Douyenne Du Comice is has lemon yellow skin with greenish tinge covered with speckles and patches of brown russet, flesh yellow white, very tender, buttery, melting, with an almost cinnamon flavour coming through. Douyenne Du Comice pear has been judged by many to be one of the best for taste and texture, tree tends to be very healthy, appreciates a warm protected position, a good bearer, and has beautiful shape and form Ripens: April Pollinates with: Williams, Beurre Bosc, Winter Nelis, Winter Cole
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    Dwarf Marie Louise D’Uccle pear

    Dwarf Marie Louise D'Uccle pear is a fine fleshed pear, buttery, melting, very juicy and richly flavoured, a very heavy cropper, medium sized fruits, green skinned with small amount of a pale cinnamon russetting
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    Dwarf Precoce di Fiorani pear

    Dwarf precoce di fiorani is a dwarf version of precoce pear which is one of the earliest pears in our collection to ripen. Nice pear - good crunchy or soft, pollinated by Lemon Bergamot
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  • Dwarf Lemon Bergamot pear

    Dwarf version of this very popular pear in South Australia, the Lemon Bergamot pear, in the past has been grown mostly in the south of Italy, it is actually part of the flavour used in Earl Grey tea, mid season ripener, melting flesh, delicious buttery flavour, and a good bearer, manageable dwarf tree grows to around 2 - 2.5 metres Ripens: March Pollinates with: Beurre Hardy, Josephine, Packham's Triumph, Clapp's, Douyenne Boussuch, Ducchess D'Angloueme, Flemish Beauty
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