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  • semi dwarf O'Henry peach

    Dwarf O’Henry peach

    O'Henry is offered this year as a dwarf sized peach tree, growing to approx 2.5 metres, O'Henry peach is a late ripening yellow fleshed peach, full red skin, some red staining in flesh, large peaches which are very popular fresh eating and also good preserving, strong, vigourous, heavy bearing tree, one of the best, originating in N.S.W. Ripens: mid to late Feb. Pollination : Self fertile
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  • blackboy peach

    Dwarf Blackboy peach

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    Dwarf Blackboy peach is a two metre high form of what is currently one of our most sought after peaches, well loved by New Zealanders, this peach, also called Peche de Vigne, or Black peach, has a deeply dark mysterious looking flesh, with terrific peach flavour, a real novelty on genuine dwarfing rootstock Ripens:  Late February Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • peach elberta

    Dwarf Elberta peach

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    Dwarf Elberta peach is an older variety and very popular with the common people, yellow melting flesh, flavour superb when grown organically, can be eaten fresh, bottles well, and even dries successfully Ripens:   mid/late February Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • peach elberta

    Flordagold peach

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    Flordagold peach is a yellow-fleshed variety requiring only 150-200 hours winter chill. A medium sized round fruit with a firm skin and good blush. Semi-clingstone. Earliest fruiting peach, popular low chill variety
  • Dwarf Angel peach

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    Dwarf Angel Peach is is a unique flat shaped fruit similar to a donut, with Pink skin, white flesh and good flavour. Beautiful flush of pink blossom in Spring. Grows to a height of 2m and a width of 2m. MATURITY: Early February (Mid season) Pollinate with: Self fertile Chill hours: approx 200 hours (low)
  • Daisy peach

    Daisy peach is a newer, improved cultivar that produces quality, attractive, white-fleshed peaches with good flavour. Skin is high red over cream ground colour. Firm and juicy. Freestone. primarily used for fresh fruit. Mid-season maturity.
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  • Dwarf Anzac peach

    Dwarf peach tree, growing to 2 metres high, white fleshed peach, the Anzac peach, ripens early - mid season, red skin on cream and green background, the flesh is lovely and soft, with more of a greener white colour, juicy, and excellent flavour Ripens:   January Pollinate with: Self fertile
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