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    Dwarf Cherry – White Cherree

    Dwarf cherry - White Cherree will grow to approximately 2 metres in height at maturity, and yields good crops of light coloured, excellent flavoured cherries. Can be grown in a pot or in the ground, great space saver, excellent for small backyards, or for easy netting, picking pruning etc. fruits a number of years earlier than standard cherry varieties, self pollinating
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  • Williams Favourite cherry

    Late ripening cherry, just after St. Margaret, heirloom variety, red to black fruit colour, pollinates with Stella, Blackboy, and Florence
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  • Sylvia cherry

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    Sylvia cherry is self-pollinating with a compact growing habit and produces delicious sweet cherries late in the season - sometimes January Ripens:  Dec/Jan Pollinates with :  Self fertile
  • dwarf cherry

    Dwarf Lapins cherry

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    Dwarf Lapins cherry is the dwarf version of the famous Lapins cherry, growing to approximately 2.5 metres in good conditions, it produces large fruit with red firm juicy flesh and very good flavour, late harvest, fruits should be left on the tree until deep dark red / mahogany colour is reached, has resistance to skin splitting in the rain Ripens:  Jan/Feb Pollinates with:  Self fertile Chill hours: 400-500 hours
  • Simone cherry

    Simone cherry has taken over from Stella as one of the most popular and luscious backyarders cherries, large black heart shaped cherries, firm flesh, heavy cropping, pollinates with Ron's Seedling and Lapins, but will also set a good crop planted on its own Ripens:  Early December Pollinates with:  Self fertile -sets good crops on its own, or pollinate with Ron's Seedling, Lapins, Sweetheart,
    $30.00 inc. GST

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