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    Dwarf Sir Don Cherry

    $52.00 inc. GST
    Sir Don Cherry is one of the latest cherries to come out in Australia. it has large heart shaped fruit, dark red to black skin and firm sweet red flesh.semi upright habit, producing good crops
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    Dwarf Stella cherry

    $58.00 inc. GST
    Dwarf Stella cherry grows to only two metres in height and width, often grown in potted situation, has large, dark red fruit, it is a heavy cropper, a most popular backyard tree of the last few decades, good pollinator for other varieties Ripens:  Early December Pollinate with:  Self fertile Chill hours: 400-500 hours
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    Stella cherry

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Large, dark red fruit, heavy cropper, maturing early December, self fertile, the most....

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