Donut peach

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  • China Flat peach

    Another 'Donut' type peach, the China Flat peach is the flattest of them all, white fleshed peach, low winter chill hours, will cope with humidity in warmer northern climates (also suits coastal planting), greenish skin tinted red, slipstone Pollinate with: Self fertile Chill hours: approx 200 hours (low)

  • Donut peach

    The Donut peach is a unique white fleshed fruit, with a flattened centre - a genuine donut shape, sweet, with a mild flavour, low chill - only needs about 250 hours Ripens:  January

  • Donut nectarine

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    The Donut nectarine is a flat nectarine, remarkably flat shape, quite a curiosity, white flesh, good flavour

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