• Waltz Ballerina apple is a compact, narrow, columnar tree, medium to large round-conical fruit with a solid red skin on exposed areas, crisp and juicy
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    Grimes Golden Apple

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    The Grimes Golden apple tree was found at a cider mill and nursery established by John Chapman back in the early 1800's. The Grimes Golden apple is a rich, spicy, tangy, with a honeyed sweet flavor that's crisp and sharp. Simply unforgettable packed in a simple light yellow skin. More complex flavor than its offspring Golden Delicious. Direct marketers seek out this fruit due to its superior dessert quality. Best grown in warmer climates.  Low Chill.  Uses:  Fresh eating, sauces, pies and cider.  Harvest Period: Late.  Bloom Period: Late.  Pollination Requirement: Self-fertile.  Origin Date: West Virginia 1804.  Disease resistance: Excellent
  • Bonza Apple

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    Bonza was a chance seedling found in Batlow and introduced in the 1950s. The Bonza variety has a green/cream background colour under a red blush. The variety is characterised by a very white firm flesh with a sweet flavour, and is particularly good for cutting and in salads as it tends to keep its colour after being cut. It is a good pollinator for Delicious and Red Delicious.  Application: Eating, salads, drying.  Harvest: March-Aprll.

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