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  • Michelin cider apple

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    Michelin cider apple has a late harvest, originating in France, fruit small to medium, greenish yellow, tree upright, good pollinator, makes a bittersweet cider. Ripens: March Pollinate with: Self fertile Type: Bittersweet
  • Golden Harvey cider apple

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    Golden Harvey cider apple also known as ‘Brandy Apple’, originating in England, 1600’s, fruit medium sized, crisp, sweet, aromatic, this apple eats well fresh, as well as being a handy addition to cider brews, makes a sweet cider
  • Bulmer’s Norman cider apple

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    Coming out of France in the 1800’s, Bulmer's Norman cider apple, the fruit are fairly large, with light green skin, and soft flesh, harvests midseason, makes a bittersweet cider, good quantities of juice per kilo of fruit. Ripens: Feb/March Pollinate with: Yarlington Mill, Breakwell's Seedling, Red Braeburn, Beauty of Bath, Vista Bella Type: Bittersweet

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