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  • Price almond

    The Price Almond is also known as Price Cluster, it was a chance seedling discovered in Californian orchard. Price  Almond is another seedling of Non -Pareil / Mission. It blooms within a day of Californian Papershell, making it a popular pollinating partner with Californian Papershell. Will also pollinate with Carmel. The crop matures shortly after it. Tree is of a more upright stature than Cal Papershell

  • Carmel almond

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    Carmel almond is a more recent variety, very good yields of high quality nuts, discovered in a Californian orchard, as a seedling from Non-Pareil / Mission, flowers just after Cal Papershell, and harvests just before Mission, tree is of medium size and yields large, elongated kernels, an excellent pollinating partner for Californian Papershell and Price

  • Johnson’s Prolific almond

    Johnson's Prolific Almond is a soft shell almond, with very large kernels, pollinates Chellaston

  • Chellaston almond

    Soft shell almond with dark skin, heavy bearer, ripens mid season, pollinates with Brandes Jordan and  Johnson's Prolific

  • Self Pollinating almond

    The Self Pollinating Almond is a semi dwarfing tree, growing to around 2.5 - 3 metres instead of the usual 4.5 metre size, good flavour, soft shell and as the name suggests, sets a modest crop without pollination, if allowed to  pollinate with any of the other varieties it sets a significantly heavier crop

  • Californian Papershell almond

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    The Californian Papershell Almond produces a medium to large sized flattish nuts, papershell, most popular variety, orginiated in California in 1880's, produces consistently good yields of medium sized kernels, relatively easy to train and prune, pollinate with Price, Ne Plus Ultra, Carmel, Self Poll

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