Plum Trees - Japanese & Blood Plums

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  • dwarf plum santa rosa

    Santa Rosa plum

    The Santa Rosa plum is a very popular early variety, yellow flesh, purple red skin, cherry plum flavours, upright tree, self fertile, and one of the best pollinators for other varieties, a long time favourite Ripens: January Pollinates with: Self fertile, Maripose, Ruby Blood, Showtime,Fortune Chill Hours: approx 300 (low)
    $29.00 inc. GST

  • dwarf plum satsuma

    Satsuma plum

    Maybe the most well known of all blood plums, the Satsuma plum is a mid season plum, largest in size, rounded dark red, firm juicy spicy flesh, described by one local nurseryman here as having a ‘satisfying clove like depth’ of flavour. The Satsuma plum is a good bearer, useful for preserving and bottling, partly self fertile and gives even bigger crops if cross pollinated. Ripens: February Pollinate with: partly self fertile, Santa Rosa, Queen Rosa, Red Ace, Narabeen, Mariposa Chill hours: 300-400
    $29.00 inc. GST

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