Hazelnut plants

Hazelnut plants are nut trees which make bear delicious nuts while growing into a lovely hedge or useful screening plant. One of the secrets with them is that they are wind pollinated, and we recommend growing at least three different types together in order to get adequate pollination to set good crops.

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  • Seedling hazelnut

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    The Seedling hazelnut is grown from seed rather than cutting grown, potentially has more vigour and a stronger taproot system for hardiness, when planted 4-5 ft apart they make a fast growing windbreak, privacy screen, hedgerow, and also give tasty nuts

  • Barcelona hazelnut

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    The Barcelona hazelnut, originally derived from Spain in the 19th Century, this is one of the older varieties still available, still used commercially, medium to large round nut, productive and hardy, good quality and flavour

  • Wandliss Pride hazelnut

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    Very similar to the American White, the Wandliss Pride hazelnut has excellent flavour, very good crops, good pollinator

  • Red Avelline Hazelnut

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    Also known as Webbs Prize Redskin, the Red Avelline Hazelnut is a nut with a red skin on the nut kernel, taste is excellent, tree is a very good pollinator, and some think it may be partially self fertile so it stands a chance of bearing a crop without other trees nearby

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