Dwarf Fruit Trees

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  • Dwarf Pome de Neige

    Grafted to dwarfing rootstock to give a two metre tree, and known as the Snow apple, it has small round fruits, skin is striped red over gold, white flesh, crisp and juicy. Fresh eater with keeping qualities, suits many different climates
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  • Dwarf Apple Gala

    The Dwarf  Apple Gala is a two metre high version of the very popular Gala apple which is now grown right  throughout Australia, widely produced for commerce and successful in many different places, copes well with our hot summers, a lovely crisp aromatic and sweet apple with excellent flavour, orange/red striped
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  • Dwarf Fuji apple

    Fuji apple is a Japanese apple and a modern commercial variety, but with eating qualities that appeal to many – sweet, juicy, one of the latest varieties harvested - this one comes grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock which will keep the tree to a height of approximately 2 metres at maturity Ripens: June/July Pollinate with: Jonathan, Bonza, Cox's Orange, Freyburg, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Rokewood, Pink Lady, Sturmer Pippin, Splendour, Sundowner
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  • berner rosen apple

    Dwarf Berner Rosen Apple

    Dwarf apple Berner Rosen grows to two metres tall,  is a deep red coloured apple with a bluish bloom on the skin, late harvesting, very good fresh eater Ripens: April/May Pollinate with various apples, including: Jonathan, Kidd's Orange Red, Lady Williams, Bonza, Cox's Orange, Merton Worcester, Pink Lady, Freyburg, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Rokewood
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  • Semi Dwarf Smyrna quince

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    Smyrna Quince is originally from Smyrna in Turkey, a very good bearer, very large yellow aromatic fruit, flesh relatively tender, very showy blooms, ripens late in the season