Chestnut Trees

Chestnut trees yield nuts which are nutritionally very similar to potatoes and cereals, high in carbohydrates, low in fats and proteins, can be roasted, baked, boiled, pureed; very good for taking out in the bush and roasting over the campfire, (the smell of cooked chestnuts is very alluring) can be dried and ground into a useful flour, easy to harvest and prepare. Chestnut trees give good quantity of meat per nut. They will bear a modest crop on their own, but Chestnuts give heavier crops with pollination from a different variety of chestnut tree.

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    Seedling chestnut

    Seedling chestnut is a vigourous growing tree, not grafted to any variety, but this European seedling chestnut produces large sweet nuts, the kind found sold in fruit markets, seedlings are relatively quick to bear and can be a little more hardy and quick growing than grafted trees
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  • Red Spanish chestnut

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    Also called Wandenberg, a modest bearer so no pruning needed, makes a very large nut which matures early, and tree has a reasonable drought tolerance.
  • Wandiligong Wonder chestnut

    Wandiligong Wonder chestnut is a late harvesting variety originating in north east Victoria, good easy peeling and no need to prune the tree
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  • Marone chestnut

    The Marone chestnut is a large nut from WA, but originally of Italian origins, fairly upright habit, exhibiting Asian characteristics, such as fine wood and pointy buds, excellent quality
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  • April Gold chestnut

    An early variety from the Dandenong ranges in Victoria, originally of European origin, it produces extra large dark coloured nuts, upright habit, free falling nuts, will also bear in a subtropic climate
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  • Emerald Gem chestnut

    From Emerald Lake area of the Dandenong Ranges, the Emerald Gem chestnut is a beautiful spreading tree – almost weeping in habit, very prolific, tends to bear heavily, distinctive orange tan coloured nut without stripes, grafted tree
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