This year the Hass avocados come in a choice of two sizes – regular (about 1.2 -1.4m high) and advanced (1.6 – 2.0 metres high)

***We don’t freight these out, so only order them if you are planning to contact us and pick them up from the farm***

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  • Fuerte avocado – advanced

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    ***Offered as advanced trees - for nursery pickup only*** Pear shaped with smooth glossy green skin, best from March to June, suitable for cooler climates, one of the most cold tolerant, very well liked fruits
  • Bacon avocado

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    ***nursery pickup only *** We dont freight these out***One of the most cold tolerant avocados, believed to be able to cope with -6 to -8 degree frosts. Still needs covering with hessian or shadecloth to get it through the first few winter times, pale green shiny skin, smooth flavoursome flesh, no fibre, can start bearing in the third year, even in a cool climate, leaves have an anise scent.

  • Hass avocado

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    *** only for nursery pickup***we do not freight these out***, evergreen large upright tree with black opal shaped fruit, ripening late season from September to January. These trees are suitable even for cold areas, and with a little shadecloth protection over the top for frosty winters in the first few years, they will grow and fruit just about anywhere in south eastern Australia. Very handy addition to the kitchen garden

Now OPEN for the 2019 season.