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  • sturmer pippin apple tree

    Sturmer Pippin apple

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    The Sturmer Pippin apple is one of the latest apples left hanging on the tree - in colder places it has been picked as late as mid August, good cooker/eater and also very good addition to cider brews, flesh yellow, firm, crisp, very juicy, brisk and rich sugary flavour, should be kept on the tree as long as possible to let it reach its peak flavours, heavy bearer M111 Rootstock Ripens: July Pollinate with: Jonathan, Berner Rosen, Cox's Orange, Pink Lady, Freyburg, Fuji, Gala, Rokewood, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Splendour, Yapeen Seedling
  • snow apple

    Snow apple

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    Snow apple would have to be one of our most asked after apples - a tiny, deep red skinned, pure (snow) white fleshed apple, super early, loved by children, delightful flavour, remembered fondly by older folks. Snow apples are primarily eaten fresh, and come early in the season, they will pollinate with any other mid season flowering apple (of which there are many). Ripens: January Pollinate with: Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Bonza, Jonathan, Lady Williams, Merton Worcester, Kingston Black (cider), Rokewood, Sturmer Pippin, Twenty Ounce, Sundowner
  • Gravenstein apple

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    The Gravenstein apple is remembered fondly by many European people, good fresh eating, cooking and cider,  needs to be left on the tree to develop full flavours, early ripener, lisp and aromatic Ripens: January Pollinate with: Beauty of Bath,Lord Lambourne, McIntosh, Red Braeburn, Vista Bella, Forfar Pippin, Egremont Russet, Golden Harvey Triploid: needs 2-3 pollinators
  • Gala apple

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    The Gala apple is a very popular little modern apple throughout Australia, widely produced for commerce and successful in many different places, a lovely crisp aromatic and sweet apple with excellent flavour, orange/red striped Ripens: March Pollinate with: Jonathan, Lady Williams, Bonza, Merton Worcester, Pink Lady, Rokewood, Freyburg, Fuji, Granny Smith
  • Fuji apple

    Fuji apple is a Japanese apple and a modern commercial variety, but with eating qualities that appeal to many – sweet, juicy, one of the latest varieties harvested Ripens: June/July Pollinate with: Jonathan, Bonza, Cox's Orange, Freyburg, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Rokewood, Pink Lady, Sturmer Pippin, Splendour, Sundowner
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  • Crofton apple

    The Crofton apple originated in the apple Isle in the 1870's, this Tasmanian apple is related to the Snow Apple, and has mid sized red striped, crisp sweet fruit, eats well fresh and not a bad keeper
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  • Belle De Boskoop apple

    Originated in Holland in 1856, the Belle De Boskoop apple is a highly esteemed cooking and pie apple, outstanding fresh eater as well, coarse, crisp, creamy juicy white flesh, richly flavoured, highly aromatic, harvests late, keeps well and improves in storage, triploid Ripens: May/June Pollinate with: Beauty of Bath, Lord Lambourne, Red Braeburn, McIntosh, Tydeman's Early Worcester, Fenouillet Gris, Egremont Russet Triploid: needs 2-3 pollinators
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  • Beauty of Bath apple

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    Beauty of Bath apple is one of the earliest of apples to harvest, - early January, sometimes late December round here, unique sort of flavour, slight acidity but good and sweet when fully ripe, red stripes over yellowy / green skin, heavy and consistent cropper. Ripens: January Pollinate with: Red Braeburn, Egremont Russet, Fenouillet Gris, Vista Bella, Yarlington Mill (cider), Keswick Codlin, Breakwell's Seedling (cider), Floribunda (crab)
  • Dwarf Andre Savauge apple

    Dwarf Andre Savauge apple is a large oblong shaped apple, heavily russeted, greenish crisp, tart aromatic flesh, an unusual looking apple which is well liked for cooking by those who try it, ripens mid season Ripens: March/April
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    Belle Cacheuse apple

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    Belle Cacheuse apple is an old French variety, large sized cooking apples, some of the largest there is. Also used in cider making, but pretty good eaten fresh too, real prize winners Ripens: March/April

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