Apple trees this year include a great many unusual and old-fashioned fruits (we have over 100 varieties in our orchard on the farm). We offer a selection of these in our catalogue each year, along with some of the best of our modern apples.

Apple trees this year come grafted on MM106 rootstocks, a semi dwarfing rootstock which will grow to somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 metres high, and are very easy to keep pruned lower than this if you want to. Dwarf apple trees are also offered this year, grafted onto M26 rootstocks, which give a two metre high tree – these are not listed here – you need to look in the dwarf apple trees section of the shop to find them.

Some apple tree varieties are labelled ‘triploid’, meaning they do not have viable pollen to cross pollinate another tree, so don’t choose one of these with only one other variety, or the triploid will get pollinated, but the other variety won’t – you will need a third variety to do this. Why bother with triploid apples then? Because they represent some of the best apples we know.

  • Dwarf Bulmer's Norman cider apple originates from France (1800s). The fruit is fairly large with light green skin and soft flesh.
  • Dwarf Mutsu apple

    $32.00 inc. GST
    The Dwarf Mutsu apple has been bred from Golden Delicious, and coming out of Japan, very popular large apple, golden green skin, cooks to pale yellow pieces, heavy cropper.   Often used for baking pies. Highly resistant to frost injury. Consider Grimes Golden, Liberty and/or White Pearmain for pollination. Triploid. Ripens: May/June
  • Dwarf Crofton apple

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Dwarf Crofton Apple, An attractive small apple with skin red and orange stripes over a green background. The flesh is white, with good crunch, and stores very well. Good size for a lunchbox. Developed byJoseph Cato in the Hobart / Cygnet area in the 1830's, when it was called Cato's seedling. It was grown as a commercial variety until the 1980's. Ripens May-June.
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    Dwarf Snow apple

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Dwarf Snow Apple, This mid-season apple originated in France in the 1600s. Small, sweet and crunchy, the pure white flesh is always popular. Pollinated by ‘Granny Smith’, ‘Jonathan’, ‘Cripp’s Pink’ and ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’.   Named after the apple’s white flesh and resilience in cold weather. Snow apples are considered to be a dessert variety, primarily consumed fresh. Snow apples are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as baking, boiling, and roasting.  Also known as Pomme De Neige, Chimney Apples & Fameuse.
  • Bonza Apple

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Bonza was a chance seedling found in Batlow and introduced in the 1950s. The Bonza variety has a green/cream background colour under a red blush. The variety is characterised by a very white firm flesh with a sweet flavour, and is particularly good for cutting and in salads as it tends to keep its colour after being cut. It is a good pollinator for Delicious and Red Delicious.  Application: Eating, salads, drying.  Harvest: March-Aprll.
  • Malus Purpurea is an adaptable little crabapple with purplish leaves, an impressive floral display of red to reddish pink flowers
  • Julia's Blush is one of the newer more ornamental crab apples, with single deep pink flowers
  • Compact, columnar tree. Medium sized round fruit. Green skin with red developing on areas exposed to the sun. Crisp and juicy flesh with a good flavour when picked straight from the tree. Suitable for fresh fruit, drying and cooking
  • Waltz Ballerina apple is a compact, narrow, columnar tree, medium to large round-conical fruit with a solid red skin on exposed areas, crisp and juicy
  • Dwarf Jonathan apple

    $32.00 inc. GST
    dwarf Jonathan has small crisp hard apples with delicious flavour that...
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    King David is a handsome southern American apple, originating in....
  • Dwarf Fenouillet Gris apple is one of the more unusual heirloom apples, an ancient French variety from the 16th century, very sweet with hints of flavour like fennel and anise
  • Dwarf Sundowner apple matures in June, one of the latest apples, in between Pink Lady and Lady Williams, bright red striped skin, lovely sweet crisp
  • Dwarf Rome Beauty apple was an apple that originally got discovered as a sucker that was left to grow on an orchard tree, and turned out to be very good - late ripening, brilliant red skin, sweet flesh, quite dense, good fresh, also bakes well and great apple sauce, Keeps well in storage
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    Dwarf Red Delicious

    $32.00 inc. GST
    Sweet, crisp, heaps of juice,
  • Compact, columnar tree. A late dessert apple with a crisp texture. Skin colour is flushed red over a green ground cover. Crisp and juicy. Excellent flavour with a slight tang. White spring flowers, with splashes of pale pink. . Matures mid to late March, grows to 600 mm wide, and 3.5 metres high.

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