Yes we do. This year we have quite a number of apple varieties which are offered on dwarf rootstocks (M26)which will usually yield around a two metre tree if left to grow to a standard shaped vase or central leader tree. They can also be kept lower than this by pruning, without too much trouble. If they are trained to espalier on a fence, they can be kept to two metres, and are very suitable for this also.

Other dwarf trees include all of the quinces, the sour cherries, we offer semi – dwarf sweet cherries (which grow to three metres or less), all of our quinces are on semi dwarfing rootstocks, we have Sunny Dwarf Nectarine, Val Miniature Peach, Valley Red Dwarf Peach, Queensland Dwarf Peach,  semi dwarf Fuyu persimmon, semi dwarf Self pollinating almond. We also now offer the latest dwarf stone fruit range on pumiselect dwarfing rootstocks, including two metre high apricots like dwarf moorpark, and dwarf Trevatt. Also two metre high dwarf blood plums such as dwarf Satsuma and dwarf Santa Rosa. These grow into a genuinely dwarfed stone fruit tree but yield a very good fruit load at the same time. Great for backyards and smaller spaces.

There are also many berry and vine plants, which grow to low heights – including rapsberries, blackberries, kiwi fruits, currants, and more.