There are a number of varieties that don’t need a lot of winter chill hours, and will fruit very well in warmer winters and subtropic weather. Some of the apples with low chill requirement are  Lady Williams, Pink Lady, Fuji, Red Gala, Bonza, Rome Beauty, Sundowner. Low chill pears include Hood, Flordahome, and Corella. Lower chill peaches include Beale, Flavourcrest, Tropic Snow , Maravilha. Nectarines for low chill areas are Fantasia, Early Goldmine, Sundowner and Arctic Sweet. Plums to try would be Gulf Gold, Gulf Ruby and Mariposa. Sunburst cherry is worth a go, and all of the quinces will make a good show. Heritage raspberry needs significantly less chill hours than most of the other berries, and there are very good reports of its performance up in northern Australia.