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Plum trees in this list are among the sweetest plums in our catalogue, originating in Europe, and include the famous Green Gage plum, and also the many different types of Prune plum trees

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  • sloe plum

    Sloe plum

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    Sloe is a small plum, relatively undomesticated, plenty of flavour, often used for soaking in Gin as a preserve, prized in cooking, very hardy tree, we offer it as a grafted tree, not a sucker
  • Jefferson

    Jefferson plum

    Jefferson plum is named after the American President with a keen interest in things agricultural and who died four years before Jefferson was discovered, a plum with yellow green skin and bronze spots, juicy yellow flesh, believed by some to be part of the 'gage' plum family Ripens: February Pollinate with: Self fertile
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  • Zwetschge plum

    Zwetschge plum

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    Rich and sweet plum originating in the Eastern Bloc, Zwetschge plum is traditionally distilled to make liquor, but is also beautiful sweet eating fresh fruit with amazing deep coloured greeny yellow flesh and dark purple skin, cooks to a rich compote, earlier than a lot of other European plums Ripens: Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • Mirabelle plum

    Mirabelle plum

    The Mirabelle plum is a culinary plum coming back into popularity in recent years, with many chefs bringing them back onto the menu, smaller, sweet yellow round fruits, reaching fullness of flavour when cooked, sold in abundance in France and Belgium, a real antique – first recorded in France in 1675. Ripens: February Pollinate with: Self fertile
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  • Green Gage plum

    Green Gage plum

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    Green Gage plum is an amazing eating experience – sweet and very richly flavoured but balanced with perfect amount of acidity. Singled out by the author of the Australian Fruit Tree book, Louis Glowinski, as his favourite fruit overall (a big rave, given his book covers a fairly significant proportion of the fruit kingdom) but this is a great plum, rootstock : Myrobolan plum. Ripens: February Pollinate with: Coe's Golden Drop, D'Agen
  • Damson plum

    Damson plum

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    These plums are once again having a resurgance of popularity amongst gourmets, who prize them for their high quality when cooked, the Damson plum makes fine sauces and jams, and great meat accompaniments, a small sized plum, hardy trees bear late ripening fruits, has some self fertility, so sets a fair crop on its own. Ripens: March Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • Agen plum

    D’Agen French prune plum

    D'Agen French prune plum is a classic granddaddy of the prune plums, rich and sweet, purple skin with yellow flesh, wonderful fresh eating, and can also be dried on the tree or picked off and sat on a plate to dry to a prune, best pollinator for Green Gage, offered on Myrobolan rootstock. Ripens: February Pollinate with: Coe's Golden Drop, Green Gage
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  • plum_angelina

    Angelina plum

    Angelina plum is a mid season ripening plum that seems to appeal to nearly everyone, white bloom on purple skin, rich yellow flesh, prized for eating fresh, also for liqueur making due to its high sugar content. Ripens: February Pollinate with: King Billy, D'Agen, Coe's Golden Drop
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