Pecan Trees

Pecan trees are nut trees native to USA, quite large trees, sending down a very deep taproot to find underground water, extremely long lived – some wild trees estimated at over 1000 years old, trees adapt well to most climates. Are less bitter and have more sweetness than the walnut, and can be substituted in most recipes, useful for everything from stews to pies, cakes, fillings, soups, ice cream, candies

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  • pawnee pecan

    Pawnee Pecan

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    Pawnee Pecan is a  precocious producer (loving the alliteration) of large , thin shelled nuts. Nut quality is high. This is a relatively new cultivar and is thought to have a high yield potential, A type Pollinator, also self fertile

  • pecan tree

    Riverside Seedling pecan

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    Riverside Seedling pecan Rootstock used for grafting pecan varieties onto, strong growing seedling, riverside seedling is also useful as a hardy shade tree and will produce nuts in 8-10 years

  • Desirable pecan

    Desirable pecan

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    The Desirable pecan is a proven variety, large nut, thick shell, meaty kernel of very good quality, light producer in early years, before becoming prolific and consistent, has some self fertility, so can also be planted on its own, but will give heavier crops if planted with a variety from pollination group B

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